Family Court Property Settlements - Deferred Fee

Benn Hill recognises that not all people experiencing separation or divorce have the financial means immediately available to meet the costs of legal representation for their Family Court proceedings. 

In appropriate cases, we may agree to act as your lawyer on a "deferred fee" basis, whereby your legal fees are met at irregular intervals, including following the sale of property or on obtaining Court orders for the payment of legal costs.

If your Family Court case is mainly about your children, you may consider applying for a grant of legal aid.

Clients seeking a "deferred fee" arrangement for their property settlement case are considered for representation on a case by case basis, having regard to current workloads and the merits and complexity of your case.

If you wish to retain us to act for you on a "deferred fee" basis, please call 0413 856 299 and ask for a one hour free of charge and obligation-free Deferred Fee Assessment.

You should bring to your Deferred Fee Assessment:

  • any letters from any previous lawyer;
  • any letters from your former partner or any lawyer acting for your former partner;
  • any Family Court documents or Violence Restraining Orders;
  • your Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card (if you have one);
  • a list of your assets and liabilities and your former partner's assets and liabilities; and
  • any documents in relation to your financial affairs and your former partner's financial affairs.

Pensioner Concession Card

Health Care Card

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