Initial Consultation for Family Law Advice

It is always advisable for you to obtain initial legal advice from a lawyer experienced in family law at the time of your separation and divorce.  We are highly experienced in the area of family law and we aim to provide you with a professional and thorough assessment of your personal circumstances and options.

This is so that you are aware of:

  • your legal rights and responsibilities;
  • how you might resolve your dispute, whether through negotiation, mediation or Family Court proceedings;
  • what you can do in the future to obtain the best possible outcome in your case;
  • how the Family Court might approach your case and the range of outcomes that are possible if your matter proceeds through the Family Court;
  • the possible ways that we can assist in your case in the future and potential legal costs which might be incurred to apply for and obtain orders in the Family Court;
  • the taxation consequences and relief available to separated couples including certain exemptions from transfer duty (stamp duty) and capital gains tax rollover relief;
  • other options or services that are available for you, such as referrals for counselling for adults, counselling for children, financial advice, sole parent home loans, domestic violence services, applying for legal aid and having an awareness of the other relevant services provided by other organisations in Perth.

An Initial Consultation for Family Law Advice takes between one to two hours, usually taking around an hour and a half.  By taking the time to fully consider your matter, we are able to understand what is happening for you and to provide you with the highest level of care and attention to the issues that are important to you.

Our Initial Consultations for Family Law Advice are charged at a fixed fee of $250 including GST, regardless of the time we spend with you.  We follow up our Initial Consultations with a considered and personalised letter of advice about what was discussed during your Initial Consultation.

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